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Two-Person 5M Relay

Wed, 03 Aug 2011
Oakland Mills High School [map]
Columbia, MD

26 two-person teams participated in the Two-person relay, which consisted of running alternate quarter mile laps around the track. All three categories; male, female, and mixed were hotly contested for the top spot. Adam Wytko and Conrad Orloff led the males. Jessica Sleight and Hazel Chase led the females. Caroline Bauer and Hafiz Shaikh paced the mixed teams.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez, Andrea Bellis, Marc Burger, Jim Carbary, Tim Orman, Glenda Rodriguez, Debbie Sharp

Race Lead: Carlos Renjifo

==== 5M Relay - Two participants run alternating 1/4 miles, on the track. Each participant runs 2.5 miles total.

Race night registration only.