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2022 5 Mile 2 Person Relay Race Results

20 teams came out to run the Howard County Striders Summer 5 mile 2 person relay track event at Long Reach High School. The event consists of two person teams, where each runner runs 10 alternating 1/4 mile laps to reach 5 miles total. Adam Wytko and Mark Eagles were the men’s winners. Greg and Tasha Hogan led the co-ed teams. Amanda Beal and Lindsay Pickett were the women’s leaders.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Melissa Burger, John Chall, Larry Stern

Reporting by: Marc Burger

5Mi 2Person

1Adam Wytko/Mark Eagles24:03
2James Blackwood/Steve Senick26:21
3*Qiang Tian/Jicheng Liu26:38
4Tasha Hogan/Greg Hogan27:50
5Fritz Orlofsky/Garrett Burns28:06
6Amanda Beal/Lindsay Pickett28:10
7Lifeng Pu/Xuesong Wang29:00
8Greg Orlofsky/Steve Burns29:46
9Marc Hermstein/Tammy Hermstein30:09
10Faye Weaver/Jeffrey Weaver31:27
11David Koralov/Samuel Koralov32:11
12Amy Tomayko/Paul Tomayko33:53 (ran long)
13Katie Ahrens/Nicole Dawson34:10
14Jim Pontius/Andrew Pontius35:29
15Lincoln Wytko/Simon Wytko36:06
16Ming Tomayko/Yan Zhang36:24
17Ava Xu/Xiaushan Xu38:40
18Erin Erle/Tammy Rossbach41:21
19Emily Howe/Rene Alonso42:21
20Haydee Herrera/Leonid Koralov44:18
* Time and finish position updated on 11-July-2022