The Howard County Striders running club is an incorporated non-profit organization dedicated to promoting lifetime fitness through running. An active member of the community, the Striders is one of the largest, most involved clubs in the mid-Atlantic area. We sponsor or support many types of activities, including high quality race events, group runs at least three times a week, weekly series runs, and many activities to promote youth running in the community.

What Type of People Run With the Striders?

  • Casual joggers to Olympic class athletes
  • Beginner to veteran runners
  • All ages
  • Men and women
  • Individuals and families
  • Milers to ultra-marathoners
  • …All are welcome!

Benefits of Striders Membership

Events and Activities

We run throughout the paths and roads of Howard County. In addition, every Saturday morning many club members meet at 7:00 near the Columbia Swim Center for informal long runs that range from 4 to 20 miles. These runs are often followed by impromptu bagel and coffee breakfasts. Our Junior Striders program offers boys and girls ages 6 to 14 the opportunity to enjoy running and compete in local, regional, and national meets. Awards are presented each year by the Striders to outstanding male and female scholar athletes in Howard County each year.

National Running Organization Memberships

The Howard County Striders club is a member of the Road Runner’s Club of America (RRCA), the largest running organization in the world, with over 500,000 members. All Striders receive automatic RRCA membership and associated benefits and services. The club is also a member of the USA Track & Field* organization, the National Governing Body for track and field and long-distance running in the United States.

*Howard County Striders members who would like to individually become members of the USATF may do so, using the Striders’ club code: 10-1006.