5Mi Two Person Relay

26 two-person teams participated in the Two-person relay at Oakland Mills High School, which consisted of running alternate quarter mile laps around the track. All three categories; male, female, and mixed were hotly contested for the top spot. Adam Wytko and Conrad Orloff led the males. Jessica Sleight and Hazel Chase led the females. Caroline Bauer and Hafiz Shaikh paced the mixed teams.

Volunteers:  Bill Arbelaez, Andrea Bellis, Marc Burger, Jim Carbary, Tim Orman, Glenda Rodriguez, Debbie Sharp

Race Lead:  Carlos Renjifo

==== 5M Relay – Two participants run alternating 1/4 miles, on the track. Each participant runs 2.5 miles total.

Race night registration only.

Howard County Striders
Two-Person 5M Relay
Oakland Mills High School

Male results
1. Adam Wytko              23:42
  Conrad Orloff

2. Gabriel Hernandez       23:46
  Dave Berardi

3. Michael Dusenbery       27:37
  Chad Burger

4. Paul Eyes               28:24
  Robert Blanco

5. Mark Worley             29:40
  Bruce Worley

6. Jeremy Rea              29:41
  James Koo

7. Scott Thompson          39:18
  Dan Thompson

Female results
1. Jessica Sleight         30:44
  Hazel Chase

2. Lisa Fichman            31:10
  Tacy Powers

3. Vicki Lang              32:06
  Pat Huffman

4. Cecilia Murach          32:59
  Sharon Madden

5. Jeanne Larrison         41:01
  Ginger Rowley

6. Bev Byron               55:10*
  Debbie Wilhelm

*both team members ran an extra lap

Mixed team results
1. Caroline Bauer          28:03
  Hafiz Shaikh

2. Marquel Bowler          28:11
  David Jun

3. Julie Thienel           30:03
  E. Reynolds

4. Phyllis Sevik           30:07
  Ken Sevik

5. Becky Ramsing           31:12
  Nick Ramsing

6. Marsha Demaree          32:57
  Mike Fleming

7. Jen Pullen              33:39
  Matt Johnson

8. Carina Chattin          33:45
  Anders Chattin

9. Barb Walters            34:32
  Steven Anderson

10. Erin LaBarre           35:21
   Alan Tominack

11. Becky Holtz            37:36
   Doug Holtz

12. Kendra Smith           38:27
   Michael Miles

13. Yon-Sik Meurer         50:28
   Hans Meurer