Youlin Qi

Youlin had not run a race before entering college, but he won the 1500m trial for the class of 1981. Two years after competing for 1500m in school he found he could do even better at shorter distances, i.e. 400m and 800m, thereafter he became the top runner in school for the remaining years.  Youlin did not run much after graduation and played basketball and badminton most of the time. Following his knee injuries from skiing he was hibernating until he had both meniscus partially removed in 2015. At age 50, Youlin started to resume exercises and was much influenced by local friends who formed a running club. Gradually he ran longer and longer and within a year he ran his first marathon and has maintained at least two marathons a year ever since. Realizing this is not his prime time to keep improving personal records and in fact endurance isn’t really his strength, Youlin’s goal is to keep challenging himself while maintaining his health both physically and mentally through running.

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