Julia Skinner

Julia started running short distances while on her high school track team. She began distance running in 2010, at the encouragement of friends and family. Participating and coaching in the Striders Next Step programs is what launched Julia’s love for running marathons and where she met many wonderful friends. Julia has completed 12 marathons, including Boston three times, Chicago and NYC. She has also completed two Ultramarathons. Julia qualified for the Boston Marathon for the first time when she was (unknowingly) pregnant. She was able to continue running throughout her pregnancy and completed her first Boston when her son was 10 months old. Julia works hard at balancing being an active and present mom, having a career, and training to chase her PRs for all distances while staying uninjured. The friends Julia has made in the running community provide her with an ongoing source of positivity and encouragement. These friendships, along with the support of her family, make Julia feel that anything is possible. For that, she is very thankful.

Distance Personal Record