John Chall

John started running in November of 1998 at the age of 41. At that time, it was at the urging of an older officemate who had been a regular runner for the past 10 years. He’d always looked at running and thought: “Why? None of the runners I see hitting the roads seem to be enjoying themselves, and they are wearing out their joints.”

However, being that his favorite past time and source of exercise (he was an avid barefoot water skier), could only be practiced on weekends during the late fall, winter, and early spring, John caved and gave running a chance, starting two days per week with his officemate. After a short time, his officemate encouraged him to try races since they were a lot of fun. After his first two competitions, he was hooked.

Following his start, John improved steadily, and continued to set PRs through the spring of 2006. After nursing some injuries in 2007, John is back on track and hopes to set many more personal bests in the near future.

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