Jicheng Liu

Jicheng (Jason) started running merely to kill those extra hours before his kids woke up in September of 2014 at age of 43, when he started having the problem of waking up early in the morning. After several runs, his right knee started hurting, and then he realized that you can’t just run as much as your time permits. With no any serious running experience before, Jicheng did not have any clue that running is actually a very complicated sport. As a science guy, he took this as a challenge and worked towards a more sustainable running experience. He restarted running after taking one complete week off by correcting his cadence and gradually building up mileage, and ran throughout these years without any other injuries, big or small. Performance wise, Jicheng also tried to structure his weekly runs to maximize fitness benefit from every single run, improving his 5k time by over one minute per mile. His goal is to always run with joy, stay healthy, and try to see his potential in all races, regardless of distance.

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