• What’s a Bagel Run?

    The Bagel Run is a weekly group run occurring every Saturday morning at 7:00am. Each week, a group of Howard County Striders and friends meet in the Columbia Swim Center parking lot in the Wilde Lake Village Center. Runners group themselves based on pace and distance, and then go out for runs ranging from 6 to 20 miles.

  • How Do I Join the Bagel Run?

    Show up at the parking lot of the Columbia Swim Center in the Wilde Lake Village Center a little before 7:00am on a Saturday morning. If it’s your first time at a Bagel Run, the veteran Bagel Runners will introduce you and find a group that is going a similar distance and pace as you. The groups will leave the parking lot at 7:00am sharp!

  • Where Does the Bagel Run Go?

    All standard Bagel Run courses start and end at the Wilde Lake Village Center and range from 6 to 20 miles in length. The courses take advantage of Columbia’s runner-friendly bike path system to incorporate many scenic parts of downtown Columbia and the surrounding neighborhoods. The routes originated in a book entitled “Columbia Running Routes” (available for purchase at Feet First Sports) by lifetime Strider Warren Ohlrich.

  • Bagel Run Water

    There are three spots where volunteers place water along the running routes every week:

    • Centennial Lake main entrance (on Route 108)
    • Lake Kittamaqundi near the Whole Foods parking lot
    • The bottom of Tamar Drive where it dead ends into the bike path

    If you often participate in the Bagel Run, please volunteer every once in a while to place water on the course for other runners. You can sign up using the link below.
    HCS Volunteer Scheduling

  • Where are the Bagels?

    The Bagel Run starts and ends near the Bagel Bin deli in the Wilde Lake Village Center. Many runners visit the Bagel Bin following their run to fuel up and socialize with other runners.

Number of consecutive bagel runs since April 1979: