Kevin Ford

Kevin started running with his middle school’s cross country club. In high school, he maintained his passion for running as a cross country and middle-distance track athlete. In college, he ran recreationally with Lehigh’s running club, but didn’t begin taking the sport seriously again until he signed up for his first half marathon in 2011. This race, a 1:20:55, came at the end of his time at Lehigh. Soon after graduating, he moved to Maryland for work and quickly became a member of HCS and has been loving it ever since. He has been hooked on long distance races since his first HM and seeks to continue improving his times for distances 10k and above…though he may still run a 5k every once in a while.

Long Term Goals: Sub 2:40:00 marathon Sub 1:13:00 half marathon Sub 54:30 10 mile Sub 33:00 10k

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