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2024 Vernal Velocity #5 Results

24 runners came out to the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Hammond High. Mark Eagles and Alexandra Carrizales led the 5k runners. Stephen Senick and Amanda Canfill paced all 10k runners.

Volunteers: Melissa Burger(race lead), Marc Burger, Joan Chall, Jim Disciullo, Amanda Idstein, Eric Johnston, John Way

Reporting by: Marc Burger

5 km

1Mark Eagles19:05
2Alexandra Carrizales19:14
3Christian Carrizales21:59
4Ted Poulos28:37
5Ronald Schmidt36:15(ran long)
6Linda Alms36:21(ran long)
7Roger Calvert38:07(ran long)
8Mary Niland38:18(ran long)
9James Moreland43:08(ran long)
10Joanne Harrington43:12(ran long)
11Tim Ramsey53:47(ran long)
12Jeanette Novak1:03:54(ran long)
13Ronnie Wong1:10:30

10 km

1Stephen Senick42:05
2Jack Kammerer52:50
3John Chall53:31
4Alan Mulindwa1:02:23
5Kirk Gordon1:04:04(ran long)
6John Ramsey1:04:21(ran long)
7Nick Atkins1:05:06
8Michael Tracton1:09:54
9Amanda Canfill1:26:27
10Bill Sciannello1:26:28
11Scott HolzDNF(off course)