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2022 Vernal Velocity #6 Awards Race Results

42 runners came out on a pleasant Father’s Day to run the Howard County Striders final spring race at Jeffers Hill Neighborhood Center. Mark Eagles and Mary Niland were the fastest 2 milers. John Way and Kendra Smith won the 10k race.

Volunteers: Rene Alonso(race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Mark Eagles11:52
2Bob Fink13:08
3Eric Myers13:14
4Colin Myers13:32
5Alan Mulindwa15:09
6John Chall15:38
7Ted Poulos16:05
8Eric Johnston16:15
9Marc Burger16:39
10Simon Wytko19:01
11Lincoln Wytko19:24
12Adam Wytko19:25
13Mary Niland19:48
14Lee Dix21:04
15Ronnie Wong21:41
16D.J. Dix22:23
17James Moreland22:26
18Charlie Arrington24:04
19Margaret Barry25:14
20Miles Wing26:25
21Graham Wing26:28
22Knox Wing26:36
23Logan Aarons26:46
24Richard Aarons26:48
25Amy Wing26:54
26Titus Wing26:56
27Terry Wing27:10
28Jeanette Novak31:26
29Tim Ramsey32:25


1John Way46:55
2Mike Siferd48:24
3Kendra Smith50:09
4Kirk Gordon52:40
5James Scarborough53:58
6Linda Alms54:21
7Bram Arrington54:22
8Jack Arrington54:26
9Li Liu1:02:44
10Glenn Koerg(?)1:02:45
11Marsha Demaree1:02:46
12Jen Lechner1:09:21
13Sue Zhang1:15:00