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2023 All-Fruit Relay Results

9 teams of four or less competed in the Howard County Striders All-fruit relay; in which a piece of fruit is carried as a baton, and the punnier the team name the better. Teams ran 4 laps of two miles for a total of eight miles.  Team Lemon Fresh led all teams in a time of 54:29.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall

Reporting by: Marc Burger

8 Mile (4x2mi)

PlaceTeam NameFinishRunner 1Runner 2Runner 3Runner 4
1Lemon Fresh54:29Mark EaglesMark EaglesEric JohnstonTony Rogers
2Slaughtermelons58:47Alan TominackStu PulliamJohn RamseyKendra Smith
3Simply the Zest59:26Greg LeporeGreg LeporeHafiz ShaikhHafiz Shaikh
4The Gourd of Directors1:03:33Marsha DemareeLarry SternMatt BevanBill Brown
5Orange Crush1:08:20Oliver LeungTun-Han LeungAnne SellerMauricio Blondet
6Orange Crushers1:13:41Linda AlmsMary NilandMarc BurgerBen Stein
7Kiwi Run1:26:50 (ran long)Andrew FalkJoelle ChallJohn ChallTammy Hermstein
8Orange you Glad?1:33:20James ScarboroughJames MorelandJeanette NovakIris Mars
9When life gives you limes, run away!1:36:05Zoe LeungTobey LeungEllie LeungMira Hotait