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2024 Vernal Velocity #4 Results

33 runners came out on a sunny Mother’s Day to run the Howard County Striders spring weekly series race at Clemens Crossing Elementary. Mark Eagles and Sadie Sentman were the two mile winners. John Way and Joelle Chall paced the 4 mile runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Melissa Burger. Joan Chall, John Chall

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:25
2Fritz Orlofsky13:19
3Atticus Sentman13:50
4Sadie Sentman13:52
5Lochlann Boyle13:53
6Greg Orlofsky13:59
7Charlotte Flanigan14:06
8Alison Flanigan14:19
9James Blackwood15:18
10Bridget Celedon15:40
11Christopher Blackwood16:05
12Ted Poulos16:40
13Marsha Demaree16:58
14J.P. Blackwood17:31
15Nick Atkins17:50
16Kathy Boyle20:51
17Mary Niland21:50
18Iris Mars22:07
19Roger Calvert22:15
20Melinda Krummerich27:49
21Tim Ramsey31:22

4 Mile

1John Way29:02
2Shannon Sentman29:24
3Kirk Gordon32:13
4John Ramsey33:41
5Joelle Chall34:50
6Linda Alms35:17
7James Scarborough36:05
8Shawn Johnson36:38
9Bill Stahr39:29
10Marc Burger39:36
11Karen Young40:56
12Tom Green53:21
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2024 Vernal Velocity #3 Results

19 runners came out in warm conditions for the Howard County striders weekly series race at Jeffers Hill. Mark Eagles and Linda Alms led the 2 milers. John Chall was the 10k winner. Alan Mulindwa paced the 15k runners

Volunteers: Bill Brown (race lead), Nick Atkins, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Marsha Demaree

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:25
2John Way14:22
3Ted Poulos15:36
4Eric Johnston15:58
5Jim Harrington20:03
6Roger Calvert21:36
7Linda Alms22:20
8Joanne Harrington22:57
9Mary Niland23:19
10Charlie Dietz25:54
11James Moreland27:11
12Tim Ramsey30:11
13Jeanette Novak38:01
14Ronnie Wong39:37

10 Km

1John Chall50:59
2Steve Meininger55:47

15 Km

1Alan Mulindwa1:24:53
2James Scarborough1:26:48
3Kirk Gordon1:28:26

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2024 Vernal Velocity #2 Results

37 runners came out for the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Swansfield Elementary. Alexandra Carrizales and John Way led the 1 mile runners. Stephen Senick and Marsha Demaree were the 5k winners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Nick Atkins, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Iris Mars

Reporting by: Marc Burger

1 Mile

1Alexandra Carrizales5:02
2John Way6:16
3Dyson Koffel7:17
4Greg Koffel7:18
5Ted Poulos7:54
6Melinda Krummerich11:28
7Lucy Wytko12:31
8Terri Wytko12:32
9William Kamenoff13:44
10John Winkert14:15
11Tim Ramsey14:18
12Bill Brown16:27
13Jeanette Novak16:29
14Michelle Brown16:32
15Ronnie Wong17:05

5 Km

1Stephen Senick19:34
2Lincoln Wytko23:19
3Adam Wytko23:20
4John Chall24:17
5Alan Mulindwa25:03
6Kirk Gordon26:20
7John Ramsey26:35
8Eric Johnston26:52
9James Scarborough27:03
10Marsha Demaree27:39
11Alex Le29:26
12Shaun Johnson30:18
13Marc Burger33:25
14Jim Harrington34:33
15Roger Calvert35:36
16Linda Alms36:53
17Mary Niland36:55
18Genna Le38:33
19Amanda Idstein38:53.0
20Joanne Harrington38:53.9
21James Moreland41:44
22Charlie Riesz42:20
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2024 Vernal Velocity #1 Results

28 runners came out for the Howard County Striders weekly series race at  Mt. Hebron High School.  Alexandra Carrizales and Lincoln Wytko were the 2 mile winners.  Stephen Senick and Anastasia Stepanova led the 5 mile runners.

Volunteers: Bill Brown(race lead), Nick Atkins, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein, Mel Miller

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Alexandra Carrizales14:21 (ran long)
2Lincoln Wytko14:49
3Adam Wytko14:50
4Ted Poulos16:57
5Jim Disculo17:13
6Robert Wolle19:29
7Genna Le19:55
8Ronald Schmidt21:32
9Meg Bernard22:41
10Julianna Le23:23
11Mary Niland23:56
12Xintu Liu27:59
13James Moreland31:06
14Jeanette Novak40:20
15Ronnie Wong42:09

5 Mile

1Stephen Senick31:49
2Eric Ollila37:19
3Karsten Brown37:58
4John Chall40:07
5Eric Johnston45:16
6Alan Mulindwa46:54
7John Ramsey47:18
8Alex Le48:51
9Anastasia Stepanova49:01
10Kirk Gordon51:12
11Bill Stahr53:07
12Marc Burger55:37
13Larry Stern56:24
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2024 Operation Iceberg #7 Results

47 runners came out to the Howard County Striders winter weekly series race at Thunder Hill elementary. Runners who accumulated 50 pts during the prior 6 races were awarded a Striders running cap. Alexandra Carrizales and Jonathan /Harrington were the 2 mile winners, Mark Eagles and Linda Alms led the 10k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Nick Atkins, Bill Brown, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Alexandra Carrizales11:08
2Jonathan Harrington12:17
3Wesley Zaron12:28
4Charlotte Flanigan13:52
5Danny Cohen14:46
6John Way14:47
7Brady Rogers14:51
8Emma Flanigan15:05
9Jasmin DeSimone15:06
10Jack Flanigan15:41
11William Zaron15:43
12Mike Zaron15:44
13Maren Lee16:09
14John Ramsey16:13
15Vicki Lang16:27
16Annabel Arrington18:20
17Bram Arrington18:21
18Mark Cohen18:56
19Reese Rogers21:20
20Emily Rogers21:22
21Roger Calvert22:16
22Haydee Herrera22:57
23Karen Young24:48
24Amanda Idstein25:18
25Joanne Harrington25:59
26James Moreland26:56
27Tim Ramsey31:42
28Cheryl Zaron35:22
29Jeanette Novak39:49

10 Km

1Mark Eagles37:06
2Jason Sammut38:34
3Mark Gilmore44:01
4Phil Lang44:02
5James Blackwood46:13
6John Chall49:21
7Steve Meininger50:34
8Scott Holz53:05
9Kirk Gordon54:09
10Linda Alms54:35
11James Scarborough56:05
12Shawn Johnson1:00:14
13Marc Burger1:04:38
14Bill Stahr1:08:43
15Charlie Reisz1:21:58
16Yessica Gagliuffi1:31:18 (ran long)
17Scott Ryan1:31:27.2 (ran long)
18Bill Sianella1:31:27.5 (ran long)
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2024 Operation Iceberg Final Results

Congratulations to the following runners who qualified for an award during the Howard County Striders winter weekly series. Please come out to Thunder Hill Sunday March 24 to be recognized. This season saw 91 men and 60 women participate in at least one race.

50 Points minimum required for the series

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Bram Arrington       100
2Derek Locktish         95
3Josiah Williams         89
4Jason Sammut         88
5Stephen Olenick         86
6Eric Johnston         84
7John Way         82
7Wesley Zaron         82
9Mike Zaron         79
10John Chall         78
11John Ramsey         77
12Kirk Gordon         73
13Nick Atkins         72
14Lochlann Boyle         69
15Eric Myers         68
16GregOrlofsky         67
16Marc Burger          67
18Ted Poulos         65
19David Morgan         64
20Stephen Senick         63
21Alan Mulindwa         62
21James Blackwood         62
23Alex You         60
24Danny Cohen         59
25Jack Flanigan         53
26Bill Arbelaez         52
26Mark Cohen         52
28Tim Ramsey         50


1Alison Flanigan         94
2Linda Alms         93
3Amanda Idstein         89
4Charlotte Flanigan         84
5Sophie Serre         78
6Jasmin DeSimone         76
7Faith Myers         73
8Emma Flanigan         71
9Mary Niland         67
10Maren Lee         64
10Iris Mars         64
12Joan Chall         62
13Marsha Demaree         60
14Sadie Sentman         59
14Harper Ruprecht         59
16Karen Young         57
17Melissa Burger         52
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2024 Operation Iceberg #6 Results

40 runners spent part of their St. Patrick’s Day at the Howard County Striders weekly race at Patuxent Valley Middle School.  Eric Myers and Ashlyn Sinclair were the two mile winners. Mark Eagles and Alexandra Carrizales led the four milers.

Volunteers: Melissa Burger (race lead), Nick Atkins, Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein, Iris Mars

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Eric Myers13:32
2James Blackwood14:29
3Max You14:47
4Danny Cohen14:57
5Christopher Blackwood15:22
6Ashlyn Sinclair16:18
7John Ramsey16:39
8J.P. Blackwood16:59
9Ted Poulos17:22
10Derek Locktish17:30 (started late)
11Alison Flanigan17:44
12Jack Flanigan17:45
13Faith Myers17:49
14Mark Cohen19:44
15Jim Harrington22:00
16Roger Calvert22:10
17Joanne Harrington24:02
18Karen Young26:56
19Melinda Krummerich28:10
20Tim Ramsey32:53
21Lynn Meininger35:04
22Jeanette Novak43:27 (ran long)

4 Mile

1Mark Eagles24:17
2Alexandra Carrizales24:43
3Alex You26:17
4Mike Zaron27:52
5Wesley Zaron29:21
6Bram Arrington30:18
7John Way31:29
8David Morgan31:45
9John Chall32:59
10Eric Johnston33:43
11Steve Meininger33:44
12Marsha Demaree38:06
13Kirk Gordon38:15
14Jim Mahoney40:32
15Bill Stahr44:49
16Marc Burger45:26
17Mary Niland50:16
18Ronald Schmidt51:41
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2024 Operation Iceberg Standings

50 Points minimum required for the series

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Josiah Williams89
2Jason Sammut88
3Stephen Olenick86
4Bram Arrington82
5Derek Locktish81
6Eric Johnston70
7Lochlann Boyle69
8Greg Orlofsky67
9John Way65
10John Chall63
10Stephen Senick63
10Wesley Zaron63
13Alan Mulindwa62
13Nick Atkins62
15Kirk Gordon61
16John Ramsey60
17Mike Zaron59
18Marc Burger57
19Bill Arbelaez52
20Ted Poulos50
21Kam Yee49
22David Morgan48
22James Scarborough48
24Cameron Martinez47
24Nate Cramer47
26Eric Myers46
27Colin Myers42
27Phil Rogers42
27Julius Olenick42
30James Blackwood41
31Tim Ramsey40
31Brady Rogers40
31Jack Flanigan40
31Danny Cohen40
31Mark Cohen40
36Alex You39
37Cameron Doll38
38Fritz Orlofsky35


1Linda Alms93
2Charlotte Flanigan84
3Amanda Idstein79
4Sophie Serre78
5Jasmin DeSimone76
6Alison Flanigan73
7Emma Flanigan71
8Maren Lee64
9Sadie Sentman59
9Harper Ruprecht59
11Iris Mars54
12Faith Myers53
13Joan Chall52
14Mary Niland47
15Joy Lewis44
16Melissa Burger42
17Karen Young39
17Marsha Demaree39
19Margaret Barry34
20Sophia Esposito33
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2024 Operation Iceberg #5 Results

73 Runners came out for the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Northfield Elementary. This was the graduation race for the Hibernation to 5K Program. The 5k winners were Jason Sammut and Alexandra Carrizales.

Volunteers: Melissa Burger (race lead), Rene Alonso, Joan Chall, John Way, Joanne Lee, Linda Alms and Nick Atkins

Reporting by: Melissa Burger

5 Km

1Jason Sammut17:23
2Mark Eagles17:58
3Lance Byrd18:27
4Alexandra Carrizales18:31
5Josiah Williams20:01
6Ethan Becker20:02
7Jonathan Harrington20:54
8Greg Orlofsky20:55
9David Morgan21:19
10Wesley Zaron21:30
11Bram Arrington21:36.4
12Jack Arrington21:36.8
13Phil Lang21:40
14Karsten Brown21:45
15Danny Cohen22:47
16Kam Yee22:57
17John Chall23:38
18Sophie Serre23:41
19Brady Rogers23:56
20Philip Rogers23:57
21Steve Meininger24:11
22Miles Byrd24:17
23Vicki Lang24:23
24James Blackwood24:37
25Ashlyn Sinclair24:45
26Eric Johnston24:58
27Samuel Koralov25:22
28Christopher Blackwood25:23
29John Ramsey25:24
30Marsha Demaree25:32
31Derek Jiao25:58
32Sophia Esposito26:11
33Luis Diaz26:30
34Zachary Morrissey26:39
35Alan Mulindwa26:45
36Harper Rupprecht26:51
37Claire Brady26:54
38Ted Poulos27:14
39James Scarborough27:21
40JP Blackwood27:24
41Kelly Rupprecht27:30
42Eric Myers28:59
43Faith Myers29:00
44Jim Mahoney29:02
45Heidi Feng29:34
46Tony Esposito30:35
47Mark Cohen30:57
48Carrie Edwards31:01
49Eric Baker32:44
50Leonid Koralov33:12
51Jim Harrington33:48
52Alexandra Pavao34:32
53Haydee Herrera34:39
54Claudia Eckstrom34:40
55Ronald Schmidt35:14
56Eileen Langstradt35:24
57William Zaron35:56
58Bill Snelling36:26
59Bill Scianella36:00.0
61Pam Garrettson38:23
62Barbara Boardman Pavaos39:45
63Ann Schofield39:47
64Tim Ramsey40:25
65James Moreland41:34
66Judith Judkins42:40
67Meghan Stepanelo42:42
68Lydiah Mutumbi42:51
69Melinda Krummerich48:45
70Eileen Lealt49:16.4
71Christine Pyers49:16.8
72Cindy McMillan49:17
73Jeanette Novak01:00.2

2024 MD-DC RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge Results

Race Date Live Results

Race Date Final Results

Thank you to everyone that came out for the 2024 MD-DC RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge.  We appreciate each and every one of you and hope you had a great race!

This year’s race had 16 member clubs participate, resulting in 759 qualified runners. 663 toed the start line and 656 crossed the finish line. Click the image below to view number of runners, by club and category

2024’s race saw cool weather and calm winds with temps 25F at the start and 35F at the finish cutoff.

This event is one of kind in the world, playing out club vs. club in custom cross-country brackets for bragging rights and comradery each winter. We thank you for being part of it and helping keep it alive!

2024 MD-DC RRCA 10 Mile Club Challenge Metrics


We strive to post formal results and awards within 48 hours of the race finish.
As an all-volunteer organization, work and any flagged results adjustments may delay posting.

Individual Results

TEAM Coed Overall

Male OverallFemale Overall
Male Under 40Female Under 40
Male MastersFemale Masters
Male Grand MastersFemale Grand Masters

2024 Race Photos

Official race photos by Ben Sussman Photography


If any of the items in the picture below look familiar to you and you wish to have them back, Falls Road Running is graciously housing them for one week. Anything left unclaimed or uncoordinated by March 3rd will be donated to a local shelter. Please stop by the store, or call them, during open hours.