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2023 Vernal Velocity Standings – FINAL

Congratulations to the following runners who qualified for an award during the Spring series. Please come out to Hammond High on June 18th to be recognized.

Minimum Points Required: 40

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Eric Johnston88
2John Way84
3Alan Mulindwa76
3Ted Poulos76
5John Chall75
6Marc Burger73
7John Ramsey68
8Tim Ramsey65
9James Scarborough64
10Kirk Gordon62
11Roger Calvert59
12Ronnie Wong55
13Bill Arbelaez52
14Lincoln Wytko49
15Mark Eagles44
16Mark Landree43
16Steve Meininger43
18Colin Myers41
18Eric Myers41
18Tony Rogers41
21Lochlann Boyle40


1Iris Mars104
2Mary Niland98
3Jeanette Novak91
4Kendra Smith86
5Linda Alms85
6Amanda Idstein80
7Alexandra Carrizales66
8Joan Chall62
9Terri Wytko60
10Melissa Burger42
11Haydee Herrera40