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2023 Vernal Velocity #2 Results

27 runners came out to the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Jeffers Hill.  Colin Myers and Alexandra Carrizales were the two mile winners, Mark Landree and Kendra Smith led the 10k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Denise Hyde

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Colin Myers12:56
2Alexandra Carrizales13:08 (ran long)
3John Chall16:30
4Iris Mars20:19
5Ted Poulos21:58
6Ronnie Wong23:51 (ran long)
7Amanda Idstein25:25
8Jeanette Novak30:43
9Tim Ramsey35:05

10 Km

1Mark Landree43:03
2Karsten Brown45:28
3John Way46:09
4Eric Myers46:43
5Steve Bohse48:12
6Jack Kammerer50:11
7Kendra Smith53:00.0
8Alan Mulindwa53:00.4
9Lincoln Wytko54:54
10Terri Wytko54:55
11John Ramsey56:31
12James Scarborough56:52
13Eric Johnston57:04
14Conrad Fernandes1:06:07
15Kirk Gordon1:06:34
16Marc Burger1:10:52
17Linda Alms1:17:02
18Mary Niland1:17:22