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2022 All Fruit Relay Results

The Howard County Striders held their annual All-Fruit Relay This past Sunday.  The race features teams of 4 or less running  four 2-mile laps for a total of eight miles. Teams have to carry a fruit baton and usually have punny team names.  Team Pretty Little Limers were the first across the finish line.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Amanda Idstein, Iris Mars

Reporting by: Marc Burger


PlaceTeam / MembersFinish
1Pretty Little Limers44:58:00
    – Stephen Senick
    – Daltyn Payne
    – Greg Horning
    – Scott Kavoogian
2The Cucumber Munchers48:50:00
    – Chris Withee
    – Sean Moore
    – Colin McGuiness
    – Henry Hopper
3Wanna Tango with a Mango50:35:00
    – Mark Eagles
    – Joelle Chall
    – John Chall
    – Andrew Faulk
4We ran with a Rambutan57:48:00
    – Adam Wytko
    – Lincoln Wytko
    – Simon Wytko
    – Terri Wytko
5The Mandarinakes59:14:00
    – Ben Walter x2
    – Richard Griffiths x2
6BFF’s Berry Fast Friends1:00:00
    – Marsha Demaree x2
    – Bill Brown x2
7The Slaughtermelons1:00:44
    – Alan “the Juice” Tominack
    – Stu “the Vine” Pulliam
    – Carrie “the Root” Anderson
    – Kendra “the Seed” Smith
8Making Limade1:03:00
    – Matt Bevan
    – Eric Johnston
    – Kirk Gordon x2
9Steady not slow Clementurtle power1:06:51
    – Amy Tomayko
    – Paul Tomayko
    – Ming Tomayko
    – Dave Tomayko
10Team Green1:09:01
    – Lee Dix
    – Richard Dix x2
    – D.J. Dix
11Lemon Loopers1:09:50
    – Linda Alms x2
    – Mary Niland
    – Marc Burger
12Brother, can you spare a lime?1:29:52
    – James Moreland
    – Jeanette Novak
    – Ronnie Wong
    – James Scarborough