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2023 Operation Iceberg #6 Results (awards race)

60 runners came out for the Howard County striders winter weekly series race at Clarksville Elementary.  Mark Eagles and Claire Sivitz were the 2 mile winners. James Scarborough and Linda Alms led the 5 mile runners. Many runners ran long or off course.


Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mi

1Mark Eagles10:47
2Vincent Martucci14:55
3Josiah Williams15:05
4Claire Sivitz15:13
5Brian Sivitz15:14
6Ethan Becker15:17
7Alexander You15:21
8Atharva Anand15:23
9Colin Myers15:41
10Jonathan Harrington15:51
11Nate Cramer15:52
12Kaylee Beal16:04
13Amanda Beal16:05
14Sadie Sentman16:15
15Griffin Ellinghaus16:18
16Lochlann Boyle16:19
17Devon Boyle16:30
18Charlotte Flanigan16:34
19Gregg Ford16:36
20Eric Myers16:37
21Tyler Sivitz16:46
22Maksim Betsis16:51
23Ethan Brown16:57
24Faith Myers17:02
25Christopher Blackwood17:13
26James Blackwood17:14
27J.P. Blackwood17:16
28Steve Meininger17:17
29John Ramsey17:32
30Jayden Brown17:36
31Conner Pickett17:40
32Lindsey Pickett17:41
33Zachary Morrisey18:00
34Simon Wytko18:13
35Lincoln Wytko18:16
36Eric Johnston18:54
37Emma Flanigan18:56
38Alison Flanigan18:57
39Chris Martin19:39
40Frances Haard19:54.1
41Tom Haard19:54.7
42Cole Pickett20:38
43Gregg Brown22:46
44Roger Calvert22:51
45Joanne Harrington23:30
46Amanda Idstein25:13
47Kirk Gordon25:29
48Ellie Haard26:31
49Joan Hoffmann26:34
50James Moreland27:15
51Jeanette Novak28:00
52Tim Ramsey28:06
53Ted Poulos34:49 (ran long)

5 Mi

1James Scarborough34:17
2Stephen Senick42:11
3Linda Alms45:12
4Alyssa Mitchell49:19
5Marc Burger50:14
Matthew Seyboldoff course
Anthony Rogersoff course
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2023 Operation Iceberg #5 Results

82 runners came out for the Howard County Striders Winter weekly series race at Northfield Elementary School. It was the graduation race for the Hibernation to 5k group, Congrats to those runners. Alexandra Carrizales and Vincent Martucci were the 5k winners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Rene Alonso, Brian Beck, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Iris Mars, Jayla Palacios, Jason Tripp, Faye Weaver

Reporting by: Marc Burger

5 Km

1Alexandra Carrizales18:09
2Vincent Martucci18:54
3Jeffrey Weaver18:58
4Mark Eagles18:59
5Tyler Brown19:38
6Colin Myers19:59
7Joshua Chun20:00
8Tom Christofili20:09
9James Blackwood20:16
10Josiah Williams20:18
11Jonathan Harrington20:19
12Cameron Martinez20:20
13Atharva Anand20:24
14Ben Walter20:37
15Keali Okada20:38
16Christian Carrizales20:43
17Eric Myers20:46
18Joshua Harrington20:51
19John Way21:04
20Alexander You21:13
21Claire Sivitz21:31
22Kam Yee22:06
23Griffin Ellinghaus22:10
24Kaylee Beal22:19
25Amanda Beal22:20
26Devon Boyle22:22
27Lochlann Boyle22:37
28Jacob Chun23:18
29Ethan Brown23:47
30Kendra Smith23:59
31Matthew Seybold24:17
32Steve Meininger24:20
33Tyler Sivitz24:33
34Jayden Brown24:35
35Tony Rogers24:43
36Alan Mulindwa24:44
37Robert Geisler24:46
38Ted Poulos25:04
39Zachary Morrisey25:18
40Greg Orlofsky25:19
41John Ramsey25:20
42Marsha Demaree25:26
43John Chall25:33
44Eric Johnston25:56
45Alyssa Mitchell26:01
46Delaney Zinmeister26:07
47Scott Holz 26:47
48James Scarborough26:57
49Cayllum Otero27:01
50Linda Alms27:04
51Frances Haard27:07
52Nick Atkins27:12
53Maximillian You27:41
54Simon Wytko28:07
55Lincoln Wytko28:08
56Miya Paterniti28:48
57Jesse Otero28:56
58Oscar Ollila29:06
59Eric Ollila29:07
60Lisa Otero28:56
61April Kociolek29:58
62Ronald Schmidt30:10
63Claudia Eckstrom30:15
64Emily Howe30:16
65Marc Burger31:23
66Gregg Brown31:44
67Evan Calvert31:47
68Roger Calvert32:21
69Robin Mullican32:33
70Mary Niland34:16
71Ronnie Wong35:51
72Elisabeth Ceysens36:01
73Jackie Gelwix36:49
74John Schlehr36:51
75Chris Snelling37:08
76Kirk Gordon37:38
77Bill Snelling39:07
78Amanda Idstein40:16
79John Eckstrom40:45
80Stephen Snelling41:50
81Jeanette Novak49:10
82Tim Ramsey59:58 (started early)
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2023 Operation Iceberg #4 Results

69 runners came out for the Howard County striders weekly series race at Clemens Crossing Elementary School. Mark Eagles and Devon Boyle led the two  mile runners. Jeffrey Weaver and Marsha Demaree were the four mile winners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Anand Balakrishnan, Kaylee Beal, Joan Chall, Iris Mars, Claire Sivitz, Faye Weaver

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:02
2Adam Wytko11:17
3Fritz Orlofsky12:08
4Derek Locktish12:20
5Eric Myers12:55
6Atharva Anand12:57
7Jonathan Harrington13:54
8Devon Boyle13:59
9Locklann Boyle14:00
10Sadie Sentman14:07
11Shannon Sentman14:10
12Nate Cramer14:33
13Atticus Sentman14:38
14Greg Orlofsky14:39
15Charlotte Flanigan15:02
16Deb Hicks15:15
17Grant Locktish15:24
18Nick Atkins15:59
19Bella Cabrera16:04
20Maksim Betsis16:16
21Delaney Zinsmeister16:20
22Ben Stein16:31
23Jayden Brown16:53
24Elisabeth Ogrin17:03
25Ted Poulos17:09
26Faith Myers17:26
27Emma Flanigan17:28
28Alison Flanigan17:29
29Connor Pickett17:31
30Max Karaigh18:19
31Zachery Morrissey18:20
32Cole Pickett18:21
33Lindsay Pickett18:55
34Kathy Boyle19:12
35Gregg Brown19:15
36Mary Niland19:46
37Erick Cabrera21:26
38Felipe Cabrera21:31
39Juliette Ogrin21:36
40Genna Ogrin21:37
41Miya Paterniti22:19
42Elisabeth Ceysens22:32
43Andrew Markle24:48
44Sam Markle24:49
45Krista Cabrera25:32
46Amanda Idstein26:35
47Jeanette Novak32:35

4 Mile

1Jeffrey Weaver25:19
2Vincent Martucci25:50
3Ethan Becker25:59
4Brian Sivil27:35
5Gregg Ford28:03
6John Way28:38
7Colin Myers29:14
8Steve Bohse29:20
9Dandy Becker29:29
10John Chall30:54
11Eric Johnston31:32
12Matthew Seybold31:40
13Tony Rogers32:51
14Marsha Demaree32:58
15Alyssa Mitchell34:30
16John Ramsey34:36
17Georgia Martin34:41
18Linda Alms35:38
19Scott Holz36:14
20Chris Martin37:30
21Ronald Schmidt41:53
22Joanne Harrington45:33
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2023 Operation Iceberg #3 Results

65 runners came out for the Howard County Striders weekly series races at Thunder Hill Elementary. Mark Eagles and Claire Sivitz led the 2 mile runners.  Jeffrey Weaver and Linda Alms paced the 4 milers.  Adam Wytko and Marsha Demaree were the 6 mile winners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Bill Brown, Michelle Brown, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Mark Herstein, Tammy Liu Hermstein, Iris Mars, Mary Niland

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:11
2Josiah Williams12:42
3Claire Sivitz12:50
4Brian Sivitz12:51
5Eric Myers12:57
6Alexander You13:21
7Cameron Martinez13:36
8Kaylee Beal13:41.2
9Amanda Beal13:41.9
10Griffin Ellinghaus13:52
11Lochlann Boyle14:05
12Kendra Smith14:48
13Deb Hicks15:18
14Sadie Sentman15:21
15Maksim Betsis15:24
16Delaney Zinsmeister15:59
17Faith Myers16:00
18Jayden Brown16:04
19Frances Haard16:13
20Faye Weaver16:18
21Tyler Sivitz16:25
22Max You16:29
23Ted Poulos16:33
24Huifei Chen16:46
25Oscar Ollila17:15
26Eric Ollila17:16
27Atticus Sentman17:34
28John Chall17:42
29Zackary Morrissey17:55
30William You18:09
31Pat Huffman19:53
32Simon Wytko20:04
33Lincoln Wytko20:05
34Joanne Harrington21:56
35Ronnie Wong22:44
36Calvin Davis23:44
37Brent Davis23:46
38James Moreland25:57
39Amanda Idstein26:51
40Charlie Riesz27:27
41April Orlofsky30:54
42Jeanette Novak32:37

4 Mile

1Jeffrey Weaver26:12
2Ethan Becker26:26
3Greg Orlofsky27:05
4John Way28:42
5Linda Alms34:41
6Scott Holz34:45
7Ronald Schmidt42:22

6 Mile

1Adam Wytko37:25
2Stephen Senick38:39
3James Blackwood39:57
4Vincent Martucci40:47
5Fritz Orlofsky40:51
6Atharva Anand42:31
7Mark Landree44:59
8Steve Bohse45:18
9Steve Burns46:45
10Eric Johnston50:40
11Marsha Demaree51:33
12Alyssa Mitchell52:49
13John Ramsey53:58
14Marc Burger56:39
15Alan Mulindwa57:28
16James Scarborough57:56 (10k)
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2023 Operation Iceberg #2 Results

61 runners came out in a cold rain to participate in the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Longfellow Elementary. Mark Eagles and Claire Sivitz led the 2 milers.  Stephen Senick and Kendra Smith were the 10k winners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston, Iris Mars, Faye Weaver

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles12:20.0 (started late)
2Vincent Martucci12:20.9
3Jeffrey Weaver12:23
4Jonathan Harrington12:33
5Claire Sivitz12:41
6Brian Sivitz12:42
7Josiah Williams12:51
8Alex You13:25
9Cameron Martinez13:39
10Kaylee Beal14:15
11John Way14:16
12Griffin Ellinghaus14:17
13Zachery Werner14:24
14Sadie Sentman14:51
15Delaney Zinsmeister15:03
16Atticus Sentman15:23
17Charlotte Flanigan15:26
18Tyler Sivitz15:27
19Maxsim Betsis15:28
20Ethan Brown15:42
21Jayden Brown15:47
22Anna Williams16:13
23John Chall16:16
24John Ramsey16:26
25Debbie Ellinghaus17:14
26Zachary Morrisey17:19
27Greg Orlofsky17:20
28Ted Poulos17:36
29Emma Flanigan17:38
30Allison Flanigan17:39
31Andrew Ellinghaus17:53
32Lincoln Wytko18:33
33Simon Wytko18:47
34Terri Wytko18:48
35Jim Harrington21:05
36Joanne Harrington22:07
37Gregg Brown22:28
38James Moreland25:07
39Amanda Idstein26:07
40Cristi Stark27:34
41Alia Burnett27:35
42Jeanette Novak31:25
43Wendy Hall35:53
44Tim Ramsey38:04

10 Km

1Stephen Senick40:49
2Mark Landree43:41
3Gregg Ford45:34
4Kam Yee46:46
5Steve Bohse47:24
6Kent Werner48:14
7Kendra Smith50:37
8Alan Mulindwa54:13
9Linda Alms54:33
10Philip Tracy54:52
11Marsha Demaree54:53
12Scott Holz55:58
13Alyssa Mitchell56:49
14James Scarborough57:39
15Karen Young1:02:39
16Marc Burger1:02:44
17Ronald Schmidt1:05:59
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2023 Operation Iceberg #1 Results

83 runners came out to run the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Burleigh Manor middle school.  Many Junior Striders were there and leftover cake from the banquet was enjoyed by all.  Mark Eagles and Claire Sivitz were the two mile winners.  Stephen Senick and Faye Weaver led the 5k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Brown and Larry Stern (race leads), Kate Amara, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Marc Hermstein, Tammy Liu Hermstein, Amanda Idstein

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:08
2George Kochman11:18
3Vincent Martucci12:07
4Derek Locktish12:18
5Jeffrey Weaver12:27
6Atharva Anand12:38
7Josiah Williams12:41
8Claire Sivitz12:42
9Brian Sivitz12:43
10Joshua Chun13:02
11Ethan Becker13:12
12Greg Orlofsky13:14
13Alex You13:28
14Cameron Martinez13:34
15Griffin Ellinghaus13:59
16Jonah Just14:10
17Sadie Sentman14:20
18John Way14:23
19Charlotte Flanigan14:24
20Delaney Zinsmeister14:30
21Kaylee Beal15:06
22Amanda Beal15:07
23Atticus Sentman15:08
24Tyler Sivitz15:09
25Grant Locktish15:37.0
26Aaron Nester15:37.2
27Maksim Betsis15:43
28Apoorva Anand15:49
29Jayden Brown16:08
30Alea Paterniti16:31
31Emma Flanigan16:47
32Alison Flanigan16:48
33Debbie Ellinghaus16:59
34Zachary Morrisey17:01
35Connor Pickett17:02
36Simon Wytko17:18.2
37Lincoln Wytko17:18.7
38Terri Wytko17:19
39Kara Locktish17:28
40William You17:47
41Cole Pickett17:54.7
42Lindsay Pickett17:54.9
43Savannah Reuster18:17
44Miya Paterniti18:18
45Kristi Nester18:29
46Jana Bravo18:45
47Ted Poulos19:18
48Iris Mars20:36
49Randy Becker23:03.0
50Jacob Becker23:03.9
51Ellie Haard23:35
52Joan Hoffmann23:38
53Jeanette Novak31:26
54Tim Ramsey35:30

5 Km

1Stephen Senick19:33
2Fritz Orlofsky20:02
3Mark Landree21:35
4Alan Mulindwa22:21
5Steve Bohse22:34
6Shannon Sentman23:06
7Faye Weaver23:36
8Lochlann Boyle23:41
9John Chall24:09
10Kendra Smith24:45
11Joel Williams24:48
12Kam Yee25:07 (started late)
13Marsha Demaree25:15
14Eric Johnston25:24
15Marc Burger25:42
16Scott Holz26:20
17Linda Alms26:37
18Alyssa Mitchell27:10
19Lawrence Chayfe27:29
20Frances Haard27:38
21Tom Haard27:39
22Maya Vecera27:53
23 Andrew Ellinghaus28:28
24Eileen Wilson28:54
25Heidi Vecera30:49
26Nick Atkins31:39
27Ronnie Wong32:56
28Haydee Herrera33:21
29James Moreland38:53