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2022 Legends of the Fall #6 Results (awards race)

40 runners came out to the Howard County Striders weekly series race at Hammond Middle School.  Series point qualifiers were recognized, and picked out a winter themed gift.  Mark Eagles and Devon Boyle were the 1 mile winners.  Adam Wytko and Linda Alms paced the 5k runners.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez(race lead), Joan Chall, John Chall

Reporting by: Marc Burger

1 Mile

1Mark Eagles5:00
2Vincent Martucci5:39
3Paul Tomayko6:22
4Devon Boyle6:41
5Lochlann Boyle6:45
6John Way7:13
7David Tomayko7:47
8Eric Johnston8:05
9Amy Tomayko8:25
10Connor Pickett8:34
11Ming Tomayko8:35
12Liam Moreau08:38.2
13Bjorn Moreau08:38.8
14Kathy Boyle8:47
15Cole Pickett8:58
16Ellie Haard9:51
17Joan Hoffman9:54
18Ted Poulos10:21
19Ronnie Wong10:45
20Jeanette Novak15:09
21John Winkert17:01


1Adam Wytko19:38
2Stephen Senick21:23
3Alan Mulindwa24:38
4Nick Atkins26:09
5Marc Burger26:16
6Tom Haard26:44.6
7Samuel Koralov26:44.7
8Scott Holz27:12
9Linda Alms27:51
10Frances Haard27:56
11Alyssa Mitchell28:30
12Anna Griffiths32:01
13Richard Griffiths32:03
14Leonid Koralov33:02
15Ronald Schmidt33:14
16Iris Mars33:17
17Haydee Herrera34:55
18Simon Wytko35:41
19Lincoln Wytko35:42