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2022 Vernal Velocity #5 Results

37 runners came out for the hilly course at Mt Hebron High school for the Howard County Striders spring weekly series race. Adam Wytko and Sophie Hwu were the two mile winners.  Richard Aarons and Linda Alms led the 5 mile runners.

Volunteers: Marc Hermstein (race lead), Bill Arbelaez, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Eric Johnston

Reporting by: Marc Burger


1Adam Wytko11:59
2Chris Withee13:46
3Mark Eagles13:47
4Eric Myers14:27
5Colin Myers15:16
6Paul Tomayko15:18
7Fritz Orlofsky15:20
8John Way15:23
9Tom Christofili15:29
10John Chall15:52
11Sophie Hwu18:29
12Tim Hwu18:32
13David Tomayko18:34
14Ben Stein18:36
15Lee Dix19:48
16Amy Tomayko22:05
17Ming Tomayko22:14
18Nick Atkins22:46
19Ted Poulos22:51
20Mary Niland22:52
21Ronald Schmidt22:54
22Simon Wytko23:47
23Lincoln Wytko23:55
24Lauren Mitchell25:07
25Ronnie Wong28:46
26Greg Orlofsky29:56
27April Orlofsky30:30
28Jeanette Novak33:56
29Tim Ramsey39:47


1Richard Aarons36:23
2Vincent Martucci39:11
3Mike Siferd39:55
4James Scarborough46:24
5Linda Alms46:40
6Marsha Demaree47:48
7Kirk Gordon56:35 (ran long)
8James Moreland1:07:08