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2023 2 Person 5 Mile Results

14 teams of two runners came out for the Howard County Striders annual 5 mile 2 person relay. Runners run 10 alternating quarter mile laps until 5 miles are reached. The team of David Wang and Varun Dhondi finished 1st.

Volunteers: Bill Arbelaez (race lead), Marc Burger, Melissa Burger

Reporting by: Marc Burger


PlaceRunner 1Runner 2Time
1Daniel WangVarun Dhondi25:38
2Xuesong Wang Matt Leibowitz28:16
3Shangdi MoQiang Tran28:44
4Terri WytkoAdam Wytko29:21
5Yan ZhangJicheng Liu29:24
6Tammy HermsteinMarc Hermstein29:48
7Mark Eagles N/A30:04
8Aimee GoldmanJacob Englander30:33
9Faye WeaverJeffrey Weaver31:36
10Huifei ChenQian Zhang31:44
11Lincoln WytkoSimon Wytko33:10
12Tricia CecilJames Scarborough34:33
13Yan LiuJohn Ramsey36:07
14Stan CohenMichele Cohen46:23