Robyn Humphrey started running with the HCSs almost 28 years ago. She fell into the running scene for a quick moment when she was 19, one of the earlier WDF 5Ks when they used to host it at the mall at midnight. She was 19 years old and ran a 21:52 with no training or experience in the running field.
Almost four years later, after graduating from James Madison University, and after ingesting one too many carb beverages, Robyn decided to try the running habit to find her way into her smaller sized business suits! Thirty years later, Robyn has made running an important part of her full life. All of which has been intimately intwined with the Howard County Striders. Ironically, some of her best performances took place the year after the birth of her beloved son Michael who is now a Freshman at Centennial High School – where Robyn graduated herself. Her PRs are as follows : (5K) 18:03, (10K) 38:30, (10 mile) 63:30, (Half) 1:29 and (FULL) 3:09. She actually feels that with the exception of the 5K/10K, her personal bests are yet to come!

Robyn is an avid Bikram Yogi (7+ years) and loves to play the game of golf with her two favorite men in the world, husband Chris and son Michael. Both of which can kick her bum at golf (for now) but will never have the chance to catch her around the track. Robyn is also a firm believer in the “Chi Running” method trade marked by Danny Dreyer. She has been using his theories to run injury free for the last 7 years. Robyn hopes to be certified in the Chi Running method by the end of 2011. She hopes to continue her training with the marvelous friends that she holds very dear in the Howard County Striders club for many years to come. It has been an absolute honor to be part of and to represent the best running club in America!