Dennis Albright

There are two major categories from which Howard County Strider Hall of Fame candidates are selected and they are not mutually exclusive. The first category includes members who excelled as runners. This was the category from which the original Hall of Fame members were selected because they dominated the annual competition for Runner of the Year. Several years after we first elected members to the Hall of Fame, we realized that there was a second group of runners who were just as worthy of membership in our Hall of Fame. These were members who had a major impact on the club in particular and running as an activity in general. This group were those few Strider volunteers who really make it happen. Regardless of which group the successful candidates have predominantly represented, I have noticed that in the end the most salient attribute has been the sense that they share a commitment to give back to the club and the sport that they love.

In the years since my election to the HOF, I have had the privilege to participate in the annual selection process. Over those the years there have been many outstanding candidates and I have been delighted to support the recognition of their contributions. Today, I am pleased to nominate Dennis Albright to the Howard County Striders Hall of Fame in recognition of his body of work in support of the Striders’ core mission to promote running and a healthy lifestyle in Howard County.

Over the almost 18 years I have known Dennis he has always been the first person to step up to do the grunt work. When he has been critical of how we do things, he has never been shy to let me, and others, know what we could do better and he has always been willing to take on the big job of implementing the improvements he has suggested. Several years ago, Dennis felt obligated to comment on some areas in how toimprove the Clyde’s 10K.I suggested that he should take on the job of race director, and he didn’t hesitate for a moment. Under his direction, Clyde’s 10K grew to its highest all-time number of registered runners, topping out atwell over 2,000 runners. When the Striders needed someone take on the lead job supporting the Howard County high school cross country meets, Dennis took on that role as well.

Dennis runs a successful personal training business. Without going into specifics as I really don’t want to embarrass him or those he has helped, Dennis has helped outmany runners, and others, by supporting themthrough his “day job” when runnershave needed the type of help and support that he can give them recovering from both physical and psychological trauma.

Dennis Albright’s enthusiasm, commitment, sense of humor, can-do attitude, and willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done for the Striders has made us a better club. Dennis has a habit of asking me what the Striders do for our members. He knows that I think ourbiggest impact as a club can be found in our efforts in support of our community of runners as well as the larger community we are all part of. I think that few Striders contribute more to what makes our club what it is than Dennis Albright.

Written by Paul Goldenberg