Jerry Warfield’s running career began in 1957 as a member of his high school cross country team in Harford County, Maryland. He participated on his high school cross country and track teams from the fall of 1957 through the spring of 1961. Upon entering college in 1961 he was ineligible to participate the first year because of the “freshman ineligibility rule,” but competed during his second and third years as a two-miler on the track team and as a member of the college cross country team. Following college, he raced on the military base track team during the spring of 1966. He competed on Maryland State and Penn Relays championship teams in high school and contributed points in the conference championship while in college.

Jerry joined the Howard County Striders in 1977 and has been an active road runner for more than 35 years. He has participated in countless local and regional races, and occasionally competed outside the Baltimore/Washington area.

To date Jerry has completed 15 marathons and 20-plus Striders’ Metric Marathons. Personal records include: 4:29 mile in 1966, 9:50 2-mile in 1964, 35:42 the Constellation 10K in 1979, 1:35 in the metric in 1979 (on the old course), and 2:47 at Marine Corps Marathon in 1982. For the year 2004, he was the co-award winner of the male Grandmaster Runner of the Year.