Two Person 5M Relay

Wednesday June 28, 2023


Long Reach High School Track

The Two Person Relay is an annual track relay. Teams consist of two people, and team members switch at the end of each lap. The total distance is 5 miles (20 laps on the track), so each team member runs 2.5 miles (10 laps). You can have a partner pre-selected, or just show up race day and find a teammate.


Race day registration only. The cost is $1 for Striders members and $2 for non Striders members.


2022 5 Mile 2 Person Relay Race Results
20 teams came out to run the Howard County Striders Summer 5 mile 2 person relay track event at Long Reach High School. The event consists of two person teams, where each runner runs 10 alternating 1/4 mile laps to reach 5 miles total. Adam Wytko and Mark Eagles were …
5-Mile 2-Person Relay
23 teams took on the Howard County Striders 5 mile two person relay Friday evening at the Wilde Lake High School track.  Runners took turns alternating 1/4 mile laps until 5 miles was reached.  A couple runners took on the 5 miles by themselves.  The  team of Terence Baptiste and …
5-Mile 2-Person Relay
26 teams of two runners alternated 10 laps on the track while competing in the Howard County Striders 5 mile two person relay.  There were several fast times, despite the hot and humid conditions.  Samuel Iseman and Will Jones led all runners.  Terri and Adam Wytko led the mixed teams. …

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