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2024 Vernal Velocity #3 Results

19 runners came out in warm conditions for the Howard County striders weekly series race at Jeffers Hill. Mark Eagles and Linda Alms led the 2 milers. John Chall was the 10k winner. Alan Mulindwa paced the 15k runners

Volunteers: Bill Brown (race lead), Nick Atkins, Marc Burger, Melissa Burger, Joan Chall, Marsha Demaree

Reporting by: Marc Burger

2 Mile

1Mark Eagles11:25
2John Way14:22
3Ted Poulos15:36
4Eric Johnston15:58
5Jim Harrington20:03
6Roger Calvert21:36
7Linda Alms22:20
8Joanne Harrington22:57
9Mary Niland23:19
10Charlie Dietz25:54
11James Moreland27:11
12Tim Ramsey30:11
13Jeanette Novak38:01
14Ronnie Wong39:37

10 Km

1John Chall50:59
2Steve Meininger55:47

15 Km

1Alan Mulindwa1:24:53
2James Scarborough1:26:48
3Kirk Gordon1:28:26