RRCA Club Challenge 10M

Update Feb. 25, 9:25am:
Results have been updated after the removal of some bad scan data. This impacted official finish times for runners between 1h15m and 1h18m. After correction, there was no change in team awards. Any questions can be emailed to the Race Director.

Special thanks to Pete Wergin and Casey Ahr for identifying the discrepancy.

2020 Club Challenge Individual Results

2020 Club Challenge Team Results:

Overall Coed

Overall Female

Overall Male

Under 40 Female

Under 40 Male

Masters Female

Masters Male

Grand-Masters Female

Grand-Masters Male

2020 Club Challenge Photos

2020 had 15 member clubs participate, resulting in 975 qualified runners, and 797 finishers. Click the image below to view number of runners, by club and category
Number of Runners, by Club, by Category