The Howard County Striders are proud to be a part of the RRCA Runner-Friendly Community of Columbia and Howard County!

  • What is a Runner-Friendly Community?

    The Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) designates certain communities around the country as Runner-Friendly Communities. The award is given for a period of five years, based on applications from communities displaying significant achievement in the following areas:

    1. Community infrastructure
    2. Community support
    3. Local government support

    Only 14 communities around the country have been awarded this designation for the period of 2017-2022

  • Why is Howard County a Runner-Friendly Community?

    Howard County and the town of Columbia exhibit all the qualities RRCA seeks in a Runner-Friendly Community.

    • Community Infrastructure
      • Columbia is a planned community in central Maryland, providing local access to jobs, schools, retail, and medical services.
      • Over 100 miles of pathways connect communities with the county’s 35 parks.
      • Over 80 miles of roadways have shared lanes for bikes, runners, and pedestrians.
    • Community Support
      • The Howard County Striders are one of the largest and most involved running clubs in the mid-Atlantic area.
      • The club provides many opportunities for local residents to participate in group runs, training programs, and competitive races.
      • The club partners with Bullseye Running to provide year round youth running programs.
      • The Howard County Striders are a nonprofit volunteer-led organization that gives back to the community at running and non-running events.
    • Local government support
      • The local Howard County government often gives support to the Howard County Striders events.
      • Howard County Executive Allan Kittleman has personally participated in several Striders road races.
  • How did Howard County become a Runner-Friendly Community?

    The Howard County Striders, along with suppport local government and businesses, submitted an application to the RRCA to become an RRCA Runner-Friendly Community. In January 2018, the RRCA officially announced that Howard County and Columbia were a recipient of the Runner-Friendly Community award.

  • Runner-Friendly Business

    Are you a business owner interested in recognized as a Runner-Friendly Business? Talk to us about how you can display a RRCA Runner-Friendly Business decal to let runners know your business supports the Howard County Striders and the local running community. Please contact Cecilia Murach or Kelli Shimabukuro for more information!

Part of the Runner-Friendly Community application was a video describing how the community displays the qualities of a Runner-Friendly Community. This video was put together by Howard County Striders member and volunteer photographer and videographer Mike Fleming. You can view the video below!